In times of economic crisis, Brazilian companies struggle to remain active in a globalized and increasingly competitive market. For many of them, the solution for survival requires restructuring the business, which may lead to a request for judicial reorganization or to extrajudicial agreements with creditors.

To seek the best strategy that minimizes losses and mediates the relationships between creditors and debtors, our firm relies on a multidisciplinary team in the debt restructuring and insolvency practice.

Our professionals are prepared to assist national and international clients through all stages of the process. With vast experience in financial transactions, they offer a service that goes well beyond advising, involving active participation
in the structuring of reorganization plans and participating in debt restructuring negotiations.

Our experience covers:

  • Advising investors on the acquisition of assets of companies in distress.
  • Recovery of credit from companies in reorganization.
  • Advising partners of companies in debt reorganization or bankruptcy.
  • Planning and implementing different mechanisms for debt restructuring, including participating in negotiations and supporting mergers and acquisitions (M&A) transactions and fundraising efforts.
  • Filing for judicial and extrajudicial reorganization and bankruptcy.
  • Preparing legal instruments for the formalization of composition with creditors, as well as organizing and defending the multiple interests involved in a debt reorganization or bankruptcy procedure.