The globalization and internationalization of the economy has resulted in enormous changes in labor relationships and in the applicable legal framework. Now, more than ever, companies need constant and continuous advice to keep up with this ever-changing reality.

Our firm assists many foreign clients across the most diverse areas – including the technology, services and industrial sectors. We have the knowledge and experience to safely guide companies and investors through the complexity of Brazil’s legislation and best practices.

We take an integrated approach to structuring, reviewing and improving labor practices and processes, and to judicial and administrative issues, delivering an integrated view of opportunities for improvement and the main areas of concern within our clients’ organizations.

Furthermore, based on a deep knowledge of our clients’ businesses, their possibilities and projects, we offer a personalized service and provide a selection of options with customized solutions.

Our experience covers:

  • Assisting companies with labor practices and procedures, including the setting up of local subsidiaries, reviewing policies and practices and demobilizing business units.
  • Customizing employee and executive contracts, offer letters and termination agreements.
  • Preventive audit of labor practices aimed at mitigating risks and adding new procedures to work routines.
  • Modeling and implementing variable remuneration plans, profit sharing, stock options, voluntary dismissal programs, collective dismissals, outsourcing and subcontracting.
  • Assisting with immigration issues for employees, high-level foreign executives and technicians, as well as with the expatriation of Brazilian employees.
  • Legal representation in administrative litigation, representing clients at the Ministry of Labor and Employment, Public Labor Prosecution and unions.
  • Legal representation in judicial litigation in all courts, for individual and collective actions, including those in the public interest and collective labor disputes.
  • Legal advice on collective negotiations and strikes.