When it comes to natural resources, Brazil is one of the richest nations in the world. Taking center stage on the subject, the country’s environmental legislation is in constant evolution, which represents a challenge for national and international companies that already carry out, or intend to carry out, activities in a wide range of sectors.

Our professionals are specialized in assisting local and international clients with all claims relating to environmental law, taking into account the complexity and diversity that the subject covers while always seeking to implement best sustainability practices.

We work strategically and comprehensively, with a multidisciplinary team that spans the infrastructure, regulatory and environmental areas.

Some of the industries covered by the practice include agribusiness, energy, mining, industry, civil construction, biodiversity, infrastructure and forestry.

Our experience covers:

  • Legal advice and assistance in litigation related to environmental issues. Conducting administrative proceedings at control and inspection agencies and regarding judicial proceedings and civil and criminal investigations. Participating in meetings, accompanying expert investigations and third-party technical assistance. Assistance in the execution of terms of commitment and conduct adjustment.
  • Legal-institutional advice for environmental licensing procedures, from the conception of the enterprise up to the awarding of the environmental licenses (LP, LI, LO). Preparation of legal sections of environmental impact studies (EIA-RIMA) and representation at the agencies involved in the licensing procedure, aiming at identifying and managing potential environmental conflicts related to the setting up and operation of enterprises. Legal support to the administrative proceedings related to environmental studies (specific approvals and licenses from agencies such as IBAMA, IPHAN, ANA, Instituto Chico Mendes etc.).
  • Legal support in the surveying of environmental liabilities, including matters relating to contaminated areas. Managing and conducting environmental legal audits, by verifying the legal status of operations at the respective licensing agencies.
  • Evaluating contractual and legal environmental liabilities.
  • Legal advice in issues related to sustainability, reduction or emission of greenhouse gases, renewable energies, technological innovation, climate change, sectorial agreements of the National Policy of Solid Waste and genetic heritage, among other subjects.