Publicado em 01/10/2021 - News

Brazil sails for green hydrogen power are already unveiled

Global Legal Chronicle

The effects of ongoing climate changes and the sanitary and economic crisis arising from the Covid-19 pandemic on a global scale have uncovered certain flaws of the current economic development model, revealing the need for governments and companies to take action towards reviewing the way of dealing with natural resources in general.

It has become clearer that the relationship between people, companies and nations with the environment must be reassessed and remodeled and, to address such growing concern, companies, leaders and countries have driven more recently their attention to good business governance practices and social and environmental responsibility, focusing their decision-making on sustainable investments.

(…) In such scenario, Brazil has emerged as one of the prominent leading countries of a future global green hydrogen market given its potential to produce large scale green hydrogen volumes based on its great renewable energy and agricultural capacities, without prejudice to the use of biomass gasification process and urban waste (biogas). Also, the Brazilian industry represents a relevant domestic market, and the country seems to have or being capable of developing the adequate technology and supply chain to support the new sector.

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