Publicado em 22/08/2023

Fixed-odds bettings and the pathway to legalising gambling

On 25 July 2023, the Brazilian Congress published the Provisional Measure 1.182/2023 (“PM”). This PM amends Federal Law 13.756/2018 (“Fixed-Odds Betting Law”), which had created the fixed-odd betting as a type of public service lottery.

Alongside the PM, the Brazilian executive branch presented Bill 3.626/2023 (“Bill”) to the Brazilian Congress. The Bill also seeks to regulate specific aspects of the Fixed-Odds Betting Law. Both the Bill and the PM, but especially the latter, clarify the workarounds of the fixed-odd betting in Brazil.

Our Technology, Media and Entertainment law team prepared this alert to inform our clients about the changes introduced by the PM and the status of the current initiatives to legalise gambling in Brazil.

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