Publicado em 04/04/2022

E-sports team enters into Adjustment Term with the Labor Public Attorneys

E-sports team enters into Adjustment Term with the Labor Public Attorneys pledging to hire players as employees and provide better conditions in gaming houses.

Imperial Esports was reported to the Labor Public Attorneys in 2020 for alleged labor irregularities that could have worsened the health conditions of professional player Matheus “Brutt” Queiroz, who died in 2019. Brutt professionally played Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and was diagnosed with a central nervous system disease, which had an unknown cause. The complaint alleged that his medical condition had been aggravated by the improper conditions offered in the gaming houses of the teams that hired him (before Imperial, Matheus also played on behalf of Team Reapers).

During the investigation of the complaint by the Labor Prosecutors, Imperial entered into an Adjustment term (“TAC”) with the São Paulo Office of the Labor Public Attorneys.

The TAC is an agreement entered into with the Labor Public Attorneys, whereby a company undertakes to correct alleged non-compliance with labor and occupational health and safety legislation, under penalty of being held liable for the payment of fines set forth by the TAC itself.

The TAC entered into by Imperial Esports sets forth the obligation to hire all players who are part of the team as employees, as well as the obligation to provide ergonomic working conditions, complying with the applicable health and safety regulations at work, abstaining from requiring players to perform cleaning and maintenance services in the gaming houses.

The team also abided the payment of compensation in the amount of BRL 5,000, as collective moral damages, which will be reverted to the Municipal Health Fund of São Paulo.

The TAC and the work of the Labor Public Attorneys are yet another chapter in the initiatives of inspection and regulation of the practice of E-sports and may serve as a precedent for investigations of other teams.

We will continue to monitor the repercussions of the case and report its developments to our clients.