Publicado em 12/06/2020

Covid-19 | Judge reduces 50% of tuition for medical course at an university in São Paulo

In a recent decision, Judge Christopher Alexandre Roisin of the 3rd Civil Court of São Paulo/SP, ordered the temporary reduction of the tuition of a medical university by 50% while the Defendant cannot teach presential  classes with access to laboratories and the library.

The judge justified his decision on the grounds that “part of the obligations assumed by the defendant became temporarily impossible“, which would, exceptionally, give rise to contractual review to allow the legal link between university and students to be maintained.

The decision also considered that “students are under the risk of not being able to pay their tuition and, therefore, have their names included in the credit protection agencies“, and compared the economic crisis caused by the pandemic with the stock market crash of 1929.

The university filed an interlocutory appeal against the decision, which is pending analysis by Court of Appeals of São Paulo.

The full text of the decision in Portuguese can be accessed here.