Publicado em 10/11/2021 - News

Past the pit stop | China business

China Business Law Journal

In the past decade, Chinese businesses have focused on deriving growth from global investment. Starting with mega-infrastructure, mining and real estate projects, and then more high-tech and cultural investments of late, Chinese entrepreneurs have been among the most significant sources of foreign investment in both developing and developed economies.

The pandemic put the brakes on the Chinese investment spree worldwide, but the country has since become one of the first big economies to successfully push through the covid-19-induced malaise. With the worst of the pandemic hopefully behind us, there is renewed optimism as businesses seek to reopen investment pipelines, and to this end Chinese investment will be central in rebuilding the global economic model.

(…) Thiago Vallandro Flores, a partner at Dias Carneiro Advogados in the Brazilian capital of Sao Paulo, says China has long been a primary business partner of Brazil and a strategic foreign investor. “The high amounts of foreign direct investment (FDI) and the complementarity of Brazil’s and China’s economies puts China as one of the most relevant allies for Brazil’s development and economy in the following years,” he says.

“Brazil is well known for its natural resources, which makes it second to none when it comes to its capacity to produce and export certain commodities, and develop novel agribusiness initiatives, whereas China has undebatable experience in infrastructure projects.”

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