Vision, creativity, sophistication, understanding and customized solutions

Founded two decades ago, ours is a firm with a collaborative and multidisciplinary soul that stands out in a world undergoing constant transformation. Our team’s experience and technical knowledge combine with an encompassing approach, leading to the production of full and assertive legal opinions across the major practice areas.

We anticipate legal issues to create opportunities that enhance our clients’ results, whether tending to their daily business or dealing with highly complex cases, in Brazil and abroad. We are known for establishing close and consistent relationships with our clients that, when coupled with our innovative thinking and turn of speed, contribute to processes and partnerships that can thrive and evolve.

Our history

Starting with our origin linked to one of Europe’s biggest firms, we have always strived to build up an impressive international profile. Since the founding of the firm, in 2002, we have cultivated close, mutual relationships into a network that includes the finest law firms all over the world.

This is what allows us to stand out from the pack, operate in a global, connected way and enjoy a unique and sophisticated understanding of current contexts and landscapes.

Our professionals

We are a law firm with a modern, dynamic profile that combines the experienced and sophisticated vision of our partners with our associates’ dynamic and creative energy to offer effective and tailored solutions for a broad array of legal needs, while maintaining a focus on accessible and efficient client service.

Adopting the best international practices, we pay special attention to legal education and keeping up with the latest technologies, providing our professionals with training and exchange programs to help them develop and hone their abilities.