Publicado em 25/06/2020 - News

Covid-19 | Justice determines that woman infected remains at her home

On 6/6/2020, the judge of the District of Arvorezinha/RS ordered a woman diagnosed with the new coronavirus to refrain from leaving home and comply with the social isolation determined by doctors, under penalty of a fine of R$ 300.00 for each proven breach.

The decision was rendered in a public civil action filed by the Public Ministry against a resident of the city of Itapuca/RS, who, even after confirming the diagnosis of coronavirus, did not abstain from leaving home.

In the decision, the magistrate considered that “the defendant’s behavior demonstrates the absence of social responsibility and puts the entire community at risk, incumbent upon the Government to adopt the appropriate measures, even though imposing limitations on freedom of movement, this right not absolute when otherwise to collective well-being”.

However, on 6/10/2020, the preliminary injunction was revoked after the defendant underwent a new exam, in which she tested as “undetectable” for Covid-19.

Both decisions can be accessed here.